May 10

Stop ‘like gating’

Last week I learned that if you ‘Like’ something on Facebook, you give that entity permission to put updates (read: ads) in your newsfeed.

Yesterday a friend emailed me a link to watch the new Nike World Cup 2010 ad. It was recommended from a friend, so I was pretty motivated to watch it – even when they forced me to “Like” it before I had watched it.

No doubt it’s a fantastic ad. It’s exciting, and football fans the world over are waiting with bated breath for the World Cup to start.

No doubt it cost them an immense sum of money, and they need to work hard to justify the cost. Today, this shows up in my newsfeed:

This isn’t good. It should be clear to people what they are signing up to when they hit the “Like” button on the video. In fact, people shouldn’t be forced to hit “Like” just to watch it, and when they do, it should be clear that they are allowing Nike to send them messages in their newsfeed.

May 10

Book update: cover and interior design

I’d love to hear more feedback as I write the book. I’ve completed final(ish) drafts the following chapters:
- The Real Life Social Network
- Relationships
- Influence
This weekend I’m finishing the chapter on Privacy. Let me know if you’d like to read a draft on any of the chapters and provide feedback!

We have a final cover design:

We’re working on what the interior design looks like (the red star is a comment):