Aug 11

Draft Table of Contents for Grouped

Here is a draft outline of the Table of Contents for my new book Grouped. The sections are working titles – I’ll change them once I finish the content. They will read more like the first one i.e. a concluding statement. Any feedback on the content covered? What parts interest you the most and the least? I have a load of material and will be culling ruthlessly to make the book easy and quick to read.

1. The web is being rebuilt around people

2. How our social world influences us
2.1 Who we’re connected to influence us
2.2 How our unique relationships influence us
2.3 How we perceive our connections
2.4 How we communicate with our connections

3. How our mind influences us
3.1 How our brain makes sense of our world
3.2 How our memories influence us
3.3 How our non conscious brain influences us
3.4 How our innate biases influence us

4. How society influences us
4.1 How we are influenced by those around us
4.2 How experts influence us

5. How marketing and advertising influences us

6. Conclusion