Sep 10

Track hidden metrics

When companies are measuring success, many fail to account for hidden metrics.

Direct marketing campaigns fail to account for the number of people they upset by sending them “spam.” When people count how many others “liked” something online, they fail to account for the number of people who “disliked” it.

Take Levi’s. I love Levi’s – five of my six pairs of jeans are Levi’s. But when I recently bought on levi.com, they pulled that old trick of opting me in to receive their direct mail without my informed consent. Either they did it without telling me, or the option was so obscure that I didn’t see it (and trust me, I looked).

Now this:

I consider this borderline spam. Levi’s are killing their relationship with me and they have no idea. For every person they send a mail to, I’m sure they are only counting the people who respond.

“We only need a 1% response rate to justify our spend! Isn’t that great?”

But Levi’s, how many of the other 99% have you pissed off in the process?

By the way, I bought my first pair of Diesels last weekend.