Five major shifts

Lately, I’ve been talking to people about five major shifts that I see happening. Each is big enough to warrant a post of its own, so over the next few days I’ll write about each individually, and then write a post about what it means to think of them in combination. I’ll link to all from this post. In the meantime, here are the five major shifts:

1. The amount of information we can access is increasing exponentially.

2. The web is being rebuilt around people, rather than being built around content.

3. For the first time in humanity, social interaction, and influence, are measurable.

4. Technology is driving a large increase in understanding how we make decisions, and it’s not how we assumed.

5. Mobile technologies (phones, tablets, etc.) will change society in ways we can’t yet predict.


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  2. Hi Paul,

    I just started reading Grouped and your book might as well be called Triberr; because it’s exactly the platform you’re describing in your book.

    I’d love for you to check out Triberr, in fact I’ would love to send you an invite into one of my tribes so you can experience it first hand. I promise you will be in heaven :-)